Border Crossing

Are you visiting from outside Canada?

Note:  You will need to clear customs in Toronto when you arrive. When you leave, at least at Pearson Airport, if you are flying to the US, you will have to clear US Customs. Give yourself plenty of time for this.

For ALL travelers: Check with your carrier for suggested check-in times at the airport that you are departing from.

Please check the travel document/customs and other requirements here:

Are you a national of a country outside of the US? Or a non- resident of Canada?

Are you a resident of the US? You WILL need a valid travel document. A passport is best and safest.
NOTE: In many cases the EXPIRY DATE on the passport must be greater than 6 months before your departure date. Check the specifics for your country!

Are you a Dual Canadian Citizen? 
Dual Canadian citizens need a valid Canadian passport

Need a passport?

Canadian laws on importing guns

Annual reminder that we have different gun laws: “Gun seizures at the border have increased over the last few years, with 671 guns seized in 2015 and 413 seized in the first half of 2016.”

Our suggestion is that you follow the advice of Johnny Cash and “leave your guns at home”, but if you are interested in the rules, here’s the link:

Our hotel and Bouchercon 2017 have a strict no guns policy. If we find you have one with you, both the hotel and Bouchercon 2017 will require you to leave.

Do you have a criminal conviction in your past?

Canada, like most countries, has laws excluding visitors with criminal convictions  in their past.
This would include things like:  theft, assault, manslaughter, dangerous driving, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or possession of or trafficking in drugs or other controlled substances — and more. Some are major and some minor.  Here are some links that can help you understand how you can still be admissible to Canada: