Border Crossing

Are you visiting from outside Canada?

Please check the travel document/customs and other requirements here:

Are you a national of a country outside of the US? Or a non- resident of Canada?

Are you a resident of the US? You WILL need a valid travel document. A passport is best and safest.
NOTE: In many cases the EXPIRY DATE on the passport must be greater than 6 months before your departure date. Check the specifics for your country!

Are you a Dual Canadian Citizen? 
Dual Canadian citizens need a valid Canadian passport

Need a passport?

Canadian laws on importing guns:

Our suggestion is that you follow the advice of Johnny Cash and “leave your guns at home”, but if you are interested in the rules, here’s the link:

Our hotel and Bouchercon 2017 have a strict no guns policy. If we find you have one with you, both the hotel and Bouchercon 2017 will require you to leave.