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From the Airport…

There are tons of ways to get to the convention hotel! 

Then what?

If you are arriving at Toronto Pearson International Airport and traveling to Sheraton Centre Toronto, you have several ground transportation options:

**All prices are in Canadian dollars. 

Taxis from the airport charge a fixed zonal fee. Uber fares are estimates; actual cost will depend on traffic, which is likely to be bad. One of the major arteries into Toronto is shut down for construction.

  1. Taxi: see Taxi fare estimatorTaxi fare estimate from YYJ to SheratonEstimate of Uber ride from YYZ to Sheraton
  2. Uber: see Uber fare estimator 
  3. Union Pearson Express (UP) Train to Union Station: $12.35 one-way, $24.70 round-trip (you pay by credit card at a kiosk or to the conductor on the train). Then either a 10 minute walk or a 5 minute cab ride.

If you use the UP (pronounced “yew-pea”) Train, you have three options to get to the hotel once you arrive at Union Station:

          1. Walk 0.6 mile (10 min)
            • Debark train and turn right. Walk down ramp toward “Union Station”
            • Enter the Great Hall – a beautiful Beaux-Art building.
            • Turn left to exit the building.
            • Turn right and walk East to Bay Street (gold glass office tower is on the North West corner)
            • Walk north along Bay Street to Queen Street. (You will pass the Ben McNally bookstore on the West side of the street!)
            • Bay Street bends left right at our Old City Hall Building at Queen Street.
            • Turn left (West) on Queen Street to the hotel’s entrance, which is just past the Tim Horton’s coffee shop.


          2. Take a subway ($3.25) – cash or Presto card
              • Union is a terminus station, so all subways go North
              • You can board either train: “University” line or the “Yonge” (pronounced “Young”) line

                map showing walk from Osgoode to Sheraton

                Osgoode station to Sheraton Hotel

              • If you board the University line, get off at “Osgoode” (2 stops, about 4 min). Take the escalator or the elevator to concourse/street level. When you get on the street walk East on Queen St. (2 min) to the hotel’s entrance. (The Four Seasons Performing Arts Centre is on the South East corner of University and Queen.)
              • map showing walk from Queen St station to Sheraton Hotel

                Queen station to Sheraton Hotel

                If you board the Yonge line, get off at “Queen” (2 stops, about 4 min) and when you get on the street, walk West on Queen St. (6 min) to the hotel’s entrance. (Saks Fifth Avenue is on the South West side of Yonge and Queen.)


    1. Take a taxi: $6-16 (depending on traffic)