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The Passport – September 2017

The most recent issue, The Passport – September 2017 [PDF], is here and has been emailed out in PDF form.

The panels have been announced and can be downloaded from our Programming page.

The program book is at the printers! Our editor (Kathleen Fraser) and designer (Rick Blechta) have worked on this for weeks non-stop and every bit of it we’ve seen is gorgeous!

Bouchercon is 100% run by volunteers. Would you like to help a little? A lot? Click here for a list of places to help out! 

Registration will close, and all event ticket and T-Shirt sales will end, at midnight on October 4th. Registration will re-open at 2:00PM on October 11th with different pricing options.

This is our last newsletter.

After this point look for special emails… about our auctions, events, where to pick up your registration package, how to vote for the Anthony Awards, and more!

And check our Twitter (@Bouchercon2017 and @Bouchercon) and Facebook page for up-to-the-minute info!

See you soon!!

A Registrant Asks…

Entry in our occasional series, as Registrants ask us questions we think all attendees might benefit from knowing.

How do the signings work in conjunction with panels, etc?

Signings follow each panel and include all people from all (up to) 6 panels that have just completed.

They are all held in the book room — Osgoode.

They also include all authors from the “20 on the 20 Spotlight Sessions” that ended in the previous hour or so.

So while you are in the room getting your book signed for the panel that you were just at, you can also get your book signed by authors who were in panels you weren’t able to attend in that time slot.

Panel Registration Deadline!

Did you know?

Only those registered for Bouchercon 2017
Those who ask to be on a panel, will be considered for a panel.

July 1st (17 days away!) is the deadline for consideration.
Registration at Bouchercon is not a guarantee of a panel assignment.  We will try to give as many as we can a panel slot. Unfortunately, the number of requests is usually far greater than the spaces available, so not every request can be met.

As the sage once said: “You can’t win if you don’t play.”

Indicate your interest today!

The Passport – April 2017

The most recent issue, The Passport – April 2017 [PDF], is here and has been emailed out in PDF form.

We have news about signing up for panels, program book bio/headshot requirements (no, your web image isn’t good enough for print!), a new CWC website feature, tours, and how to get your website linked from ours… and more.

We are only six months away from the grand, fun event that is Bouchercon! As we get closer and closer we’ll be publishing updates more frequently on what we’re doing and expect to be doing as we strive to make the Toronto destination of the best World Mystery Convention a exciting time to remember!

Want to be alerted ASAP as to what’s new?

Our updates will take many forms: through our Twitter feed (@Bouchercon, @Bouchercon2017), our main Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/bouchercon/), our Facebook Event page for this year’s event, and these brief newsletters distributed by email to registrants and those who specifically expressed interest in receiving email updates.

If you want to be on the email list, submit your address on the right-side of this web page!

We have also preserved here on our blog the six earlier editions, so you can check out any you’ve missed.