Programming activities will begin in earnest about three months prior to Bouchercon.

Only those registered for Bouchercon 2017 and who asked to be on a panel were considered. 

Most panel invitations are out there now. We’ve been doing that in waves.

Now we have a few special events that we’ll be inviting participation in, and events like Author Speed Dating, the New Authors’ Event, and 20 on 20 sessions to organize.  No end of opportunities for readers and writers to mix and mingle with each other!

That being said, Bouchercon offers wonderful opportunities for all authors, whether you end up on a panel or not. It is your chance to meet hundreds of uber-fans of crime fiction — whether it be in the bar, at social events, or at other Bouchercon-sponsored events like speed dating, 20-minute self-programmed slots and more…much more. And to meet the authors you yourself have always wanted to meet.

If you are interested in being a panelist, or in moderating a panel, check out our Moderator’s Manifesto [PDF] and our Panelist’s Manifesto [PDF]. 

Author Photo Specifications

Your head shot is going to be next to your profile in the program book!

That means we need a great photo of you! Click here to get all the details!