Here are the latest details of the Programming for each day. Check back to see if there have been any changes as we will be updating more and more frequently as the convention approaches!

Bouchercon 2017 Daily Schedules in PDFs:

20 on the 20 Spotlight Sessions schedule – last updated: 25Sep

These are 20 minute spotlight sessions that occur on the hour and then at 20 minutes past the hour and 20 minutes to the next hour. The author in the spotlight does what they wish — it might be read, it might be give a brief talk, it might be an informal chat with folks in the audience. These authors are then included with the next signing in the book room.

Panel selection:
Only those registered for Bouchercon 2017 and who asked to be on a panel were considered. 

Bouchercon offers wonderful opportunities for all authors, whether you end up on a panel or not. It is your chance to meet hundreds of uber-fans of crime fiction — whether it be in the bar, at social events, or at other Bouchercon-sponsored events…and to meet the authors you yourself have always wanted to meet.

Important reading if you are a Panelist [Panelist’s Manifesto [PDF]], or a Moderator [Moderator’s Manifesto [PDF]].