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Bouchercon 2017 Chairs: Janet Costello and Helen Nelson
Advertising: Al Abramson
Anthology: John McFetridge, Judy Penz Sheluk
Anthony Awards: Cathy Astolfo, John Purcell, BG Ritts
Auctions: Susan Daly, Dru Ann Love
B’con4Kids: contact Bcon Chairs
Book/Dealer Room: Don Longmuir
Book Bags: contact Bcon Chairs
Events: Jane Burfield, Linda Cahill, Melodie Campbell, Marilyn Kay, Lesley Mang
Housing: Rayna Jolley
Media Liaison: Cathy Dunphy
Program Book: Rick Blechta, Kathleen Fraser
Programming: Sarah Byrne, Janet Costello, Jeannette Harrison, Carol Newhouse
Publicity: Dorothy Birtalan, Erin Mitchell, Janet Rudolph, Garry Ryan, Robin Spano
Publishers’ Liaison and
contact Bcon Chairs
Registration: Chris Aldrich, Karin Montin
Signing Room: Arlene McCarthy
Special Needs/Accessibility: Rayna Jolley
Sponsorship: contact Bcon Chairs
Volunteering: Karen Blake-Hall, John McFetridge, Jan Oddie
Web: Dorothy Birtalan

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