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Alternate Hotels

The rumours are true! There has been such a great response to Bouchercon 2017 that we will shortly run out of hotel rooms in the convention hotel.

However, until September 12th cancellations will revert to us! So, do check availability. Plus, there are still club rooms at $269 a night.

We don’t have specific alternate hotels. But don’t worry. The convention hotel is in the heart of downtown Toronto and there are dozens of hotels within easy (and flat!) walking distance [PDF]. For some, you don’t even have to walk outside!

We’ve made a list of about 40 hotels (and you can be sure we’ll have missed some) within a 20 minute walk. We excluded one star hotels, B&Bs and hostels. And if the walk was more than 20 minutes by even one minute we didn’t include it in our list. We did include a wide range of hotels, from two star to five star, and the hotels have a range of prices, too. The list is sorted by how close the hotels are to the convention hotel. At least four of the first six on the list are within eyesight of the convention hotel.

You can download our list of alternate hotels here [PDF].

Each listed hotel has the hotel name, the number of stars, the time to walk to the convention hotel, the address, nearest major intersection and web address.

But if you have any questions, or need help finding a roommate, drop our housing coordinator a line.

Crossing the border to Canada

We have a lot of people coming to Bouchercon from literally around the world!!

That means there will be a lot of people interfacing with customs/border officials. They have very stringent requirements regarding what they accept as valid travel documents and identification.

We have posted a bunch of helpful reference links under Travel/Border Crossing. Please take a few minutes to verify that you will be in compliance with the latest rules and regulations. We want you to have a hassle-free journey to our convention!!

PS – Our hotel and Bouchercon 2017 have a strict no guns policy. If we find you have one with you, both the hotel and Bouchercon 2017 will require you to leave.