Author Photos

Author Photo Specifications

How to help us make you look good!

Okay, you’re coming to Bouchercon 2017 in Toronto (good choice!) and your head shot is going to be next to your profile in the program book. That means we need a great photo of you! Once you have that, though, there’s a bit more you need to know in order to look your best on the page.

If you downloaded a photo when you registered, we are sorry, but you’ll have to send us another. Unfortunately, the quality of the downloaded photos is not good enough for printing in the program.

The following are specifications you need to know. (If you have any questions, just ask!):

  • Please send photos in colour, if at all possible. (We may be printing author photos in colour.)
  • Photos must be received in digital format. Accepted file formats are .jpg, .tif, or .psd.
  • Please use your author name as the photo title (e.g.,  JoeSmith.jpg)
  • Sorry, but we cannot provide scanning of snapshots. But we can help! Please contact us if
    you need instructions about scanning an actual photo on paper to turn it into a digital file.
  • Make sure your selected photo is not too small. Photos can be enlarged, but not past a certain point. Generally speaking, snapshots pulled from the internet won’t be successful in print, unless the photo is large on the web page.

All author photos should be sent to

We will confirm receipt of your photo within seven days. If you don’t hear from us, please contact us.

Please enter your own bio information yourself. Here’s the directions for updating your registration information.

If you have any questions about our instructions or concerns about your author photo, please consult with Rick Blechta at the above email address, or call (416) 782-3116 during business hours. (Toronto is in the Eastern Time Zone, in case you don’t know that.)

One last thing: Please send us some sort of head shot! Nothing looks worse (or more amateurish) than having a gray box where your smiling visage should be in the program.