Passport to Murder Anthology Authors

Here are the authors, in alphabetical order, that were selected for the Bouchercon 2017 anthology, Passport to Murder.

Congratulations to all the selected authors.

The anthology will be published on October 12, 2017.  The anthology will be available for pre-order in the summer of  2017. Details will be posted on Twitter/Facebook/this page with details as they become available.

· Beckstrom, Eric
· Bracken, Michael
· Buck, Craig Faustus
· Calder, Susan
· Davidson, Hilary
· Dymmoch, Michael
· Floyd, John
· Grabenstein, Chris
· Hannan-Mandel, Marie
· Hutchings, Janet
· Kay, Marilyn
· Kopil, Su
· Mallow, Tanis
· Masterson, LD
· McCracken, Rosemary
· Phillips, Gary
· Pullen, Karen
· Rockwood, KM
· Sanders, Scott Loring
· Simmons, Shawn Reilly
· Stickney, John
· Weisfeld, Victoria