When we selected the Sheraton Centre as our convention location, we looked very carefully at access questions:

  • The Sheraton itself is fully accessible.
  • Accessible rooms are available. You need to contact the hotel directly about access needs for staying in the hotel (e.g., barrier-free bathrooms, Valet parking).
  • The convention events are fully accessible by elevator and almost all events take place on one floor.
  • We will reserve the first two rows in all panel rooms for folks with hearing, sight, or other accessibility needs (e.g., wheelchair/scooter seating).
  • At panels, “Parking space” will be provided for walkers along with seating assistance.
  • Two or three panel rooms will be outfitted with ramps to the stage area. If you are a possible panelist who has access needs, please let us know in advance so we can ensure those on panels who need access to a stage will not face any barrier to participation.

If you need to rent medical devices (e.g., scooters or wheelchairs) for your stay, here is a link for a local company where you can arrange short term rentals with delivery to the hotel.